Frequently Asked Questions

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Why go with a Canadian vendor?

Knowing the terrain is key in any adventure. Canada has five time zones and the cities are generally far apart. It’s important to think about the geography of the country when dispatching a vendor: You can’t send an electrician from Calgary to do a job in Fort McMurray – that’s an eight hour trip. Only a dispatcher with an intimate knowledge of the terrain will be able to handle that order.

Did you consider that the handyman you need dispatched to Trois-Rivières, QC, probably doesn’t speak a word of English? There are over 6 million French-speakers in Canada, of which the great majority lives in Quebec. And a lot of them won’t be able to do the job unless you can communicate with them in their own language – and that applies to the store manager in Quebec City, Jonquière or Rimouski as well.

And that might also apply in Moncton, NB, or Winnipeg, MB.


Do you service remote locations?
National Dispatch Services covers literally every single city, town and village in Canada. If it’s big enough to have a store, we will service it.


What trades does NDS service?
All of them. Seriously.